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    In a moment you will start our on-line placement test, designed with your needs in mind. It comprises exercises which test particular skills: reading, grammar, writing and listening. During those 45 minutes with us you will have a taste of taking an actual exam. We encourage you to dedicate this time so we can accurately assess your abilities. For the best quality of sound we recommend you use headphones during the listening test.

    Are you ready? Press „START THE TEST” and you will be walked through each exercise. Do not worry about the timing, there will be a clock on your screed, which will count down your time and inform you how much time you have left.

    If you finish the test earlier, you can press „FINISH TEST” and the system will direct you to the contact details screen. Please do not forget to type in your e-mail address so we can send you your report with the result.

    If you do not want to take the test on-line and prefer to meet us in person and take the placement test on paper – contact us. Please note – the paper version includes also the speaking test.


    Good luck!

    English Club Team

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    Read the following text and answer the questions below.


    Nick:         Did you enjoy your holiday last week, Paul?


    A It was great!

    B Saturday and Sunday!

    C What a nice smile!


    1. Nick: Which was the best day? Paul:

    2. Nick: How did you get there? Paul:

    3. Nick: Were you afraid? Paul:

    4. Nick: Was the weather good? Paul:

    5. Nick: Did you take any photos? Paul:

    6. Nick: You must show me them! Paul:

    Read the following text and answer the questions below.


    Example  You can go to a café to     have    lunch in                                   

                     many countries of the world and eat fries

                     there. Many people have fries at home too.

    1               Some people have fries__________day for                              

                     lunch or dinner. They eat them with food like

    2               burgers, chicken or fish. You can__________                          

                     hot fries in some shops and eat them in the

                 street. You can get bags___________ cold fries in                  

                     supermarkets. Then you can take them back

                 home and cook them____________. Some people                   

                     make fries from potatoes. English people

    5               ___________ fries "chips"!                                                       

    1. 1

    2. 2

    3. 3

    4. 4

    5. 5


    Listen to Pete talking to a friend about his holiday. What was the weather like each day? For questions 6-10, write a letter A-H next to each day. You will hear the conversation twice.

    1.1. Tuesday

    1.2. Wednesday

    1.3. Thursday

    1.4. Friday

    1.5. Saturday


    You arranged to play tennis with your friend, George, this weekend, but now you can't.   Write an email to George. In your email you should:
    1. apologise for the change of plan
    2. explain why you can't play 3.
    suggest another time to play.  

    Write 35-45 words.

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