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    In a moment you will start our on-line placement test, designed with your needs in mind. It comprises exercises which test particular skills: reading, grammar, writing and listening. During those 90 minutes with us you will have a taste of taking an actual exam. We encourage you to dedicate this time so we can accurately assess your abilities. For the best quality of sound we recommend you use headphones during the listening test.

    Are you ready? Press „START THE TEST” and you will be walked through each exercise. Do not worry about the timing, there will be a clock on your screed, which will count down your time and inform you how much time you have left.

    If you finish the test earlier, you can press „FINISH TEST” and the system will direct you to the contact details screen. Please do not forget to type in your e-mail address so we can send you your report with the result.

    If you do not want to take the test on-line and prefer to meet us in person and take the placement test on paper – contact us. Please note – the paper version includes also the speaking test.


    Good luck!

    English Club Team

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    1. These shoes are nice.____________________________

    2. Look, there's Sarah._______________ a brown coat.

    3. The weather______________________ last week.

    4. Caroline___________________________ to the cinema three times last week.

    5. My sister_______________________ by plane.

    6. "How long_______________________ married?" " Since 2007."

    7. Andrew__________________________ tennis tomorrow.

    8. What_______________________ to the wedding next week?


    Read the following text and answer the questions below.

    Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.

    For each question, mark the correct letter A, B ,C or D.


    0             A  way                     B manner                    C style                   D     system


    Dancing probably began as a (0)____________ for people to celebrate important events. People also danced in order to (1)_____________ the corn in their fields grow and to (2)_____________ good luck. Nowadays, people dance for fun, to follow the (3)______________ fashion and to meet (4)_____________ people.

    There are many different dances. Traditional Indian dancers move their hands, eyes and bodies more than their feet, and there's a famous Russian dance (5)____________ the men bend their knees, (6)_____________ a straight back and kick their feet out very fast. Modern dance is freer than the traditional dance and there are fewer rules. Some dances, (7)______________as the tango, wre laughed (8)___________ until they became popular.

    Classical ballet, which is (9)______________ on the toes, is a difficult dance and takes years of training to learn. It began two hundred years ago in France and Italy. Ballet became more exciting when the Russians used music and dance together to (10)______________a story.

    1. 1

    2. 2

    3. 3

    4. 4

    5. 5

    6. 6

    7. 7

    8. 8

    9. 9

    10. 10

    Read the following text and answer the questions below.

    Young Photographer Competition

    Enter our exciting competition!

    Readers of Young Photographer magagzine are invited to send in their very best photos. This competition takes place annualy and aims to encourage ambitious young photographers to develop their talents.

    We begin accepting entries just before schools finnish their summer break on July 22nd. The closing date for entries will be Setember 22nd if you are sending your photos by post. But please note it is September 30th if you email them via our new website.

    What can I photograph?

    We would like to see pictures on the subjects of animals, friends, family, landscapes or sport.The photos shoud cover at least two of these areas.

    Animals or people that you know well are often, but not always, the best choice of subject. We recommend that you think carefully about how to make a photo look interesting and original. Colour, action and humour are always popular with the judges.

    General advice about taking good photographs

    If you haven't taken a lot of photos before, don't worry. In fact, the majorityof our previous winners had owned a camera for only a short time before their success! If you need ideas, take a llok at past copies of Young Photographer and experiment with some of the suggestions and the advice you find there.

    Remember you generally don't need a lot of complicated, expensive technology. However, if you want to take photographs of, for example, butterflies you will need to have special equipment to allow you to focus very closely and for any photograph you take, please pay special attention to the light. Every year we see many lovely ideas for pictures spoilt because photographers do not get this right.

    How to enter

    It is not necessary for you to print your photographs and send them in the post. However, this is possible if you wish. If you are posting them, remember to put your name and address on the back. You might prefer - as most people do these days - to enter through our website. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions on the homepage.

    For the winners

    There are many prizes available. you will be able to choose one from a range of the latest digital cameras and computer software. Your photos will be displayed online. Here, the expert judges will give their reasons why the photos were chosen. The winning photographs will also be shown at a series of special exibithions around the country early next year, where you can come and share youtr ideas with other young photographers.

    1. The photographic competiton is held every year.

    2. Entries sent electronically must be recieved by 22nd September.

    3. You are allowed to send in photographs of three different subject areas.

    4. It is important to photograph people and things which are very familiar to you.

    5. Most of the past winners were very experienced photographers.

    6. It is possible to take good photographs of insects using only an ordinary camera.

    7. Young photographers seem to have similar problems every year.

    8. It is strongly recommended that you email your entry for the competition.

    9. Winners can select the prize they would like to have.

    10. The judges will explain their final decisions on the Young Photographer website.


    You will hear an interview with a teenage film star called Zac Efron, whose new movie is set in a school. For each question, choose the correct answer A, B or C.

    1.1. Zac became an actor because

    1.2. What does Zac say about the recording contract he was offered?

    1.3. What embarrassed Zac in one live show?

    1.4. When filming in a real school Zac didn't like

    1.5. How is Zac similar to the character he plays?

    1.6. In Zac's opinion, to have a good party he needs


    Write a letter, answering your friend's questions .Write your answer in about 100 words. This is part of a letter you receive from an English friend.             I like playing the guitar. Do you play an instrument or             do you prefer to listen to music? What's your favourite             type of music?

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